Begin Your Juicing Journey with These 4 Steps

Juicing refers to the extraction of juice from tubers, vegetables, and fruits. Juicing has various health benefits, which is why it is popularly incorporated into most diets. I’m sure you want to receive its advantages, so let’s begin!

Step 1: Know your present health

If your family has a past of diabetes, your blood sugar is high, or you’re suffering from Candidiasis, it’s not advisable for you to drink fresh fruit juices. Fruit juices contain more sugar than vegetable juices, which means they cause a rapid surge in blood sugar.

If you’re a healthy person, however, fruit juices won’t be a problem so long as you alternate them with vegetable juices and eat a balanced diet.

Step 2: Know what to expect

juice carrot apple ginger

After identifying your current status, you should know what to expect from juicing. Juicing allows you to consume quality, fresh fruits and veggies. However, it needs your body to work in order to build new, healthy tissues and remove toxins. Juicing might make your kidneys and liver exert a lot of effort to get rid of the toxins from your blood. While doing so, you might encounter headaches, joint pains, and limb weakening. Since your body won’t be used to this type of cleansing yet, you might also experience a decrease in heart rate which means you’ll feel less energized.

However, these signs don’t mean you have to give up. Keep going. It might take a week or two before your body can get used to the regeneration and cleansing process, but it’ll pass. Trust me; you’ll be thankful you endured those 7-14 days for a healthier lifestyle.

Step 3: Know the best time to juice

time clockWhen is the best time to drink fresh juice? When your stomach’s empty or at least 30mins. before a meal. Drinking nutritious juice before eating will allow your body to absorb everything you’ll consume—whether they’re healthy or not, which is why it’s still vital to eat healthy food only.

It’s better to drink fruit juices in the morning to fuel up your day. Then on the afternoon, you can consume full-green juices or juices that aren’t so sweet.

Step 4: Know what to juice

Begin with fruits and veggies you love. After a while, perhaps after your body has adjusted to the cleansing process, you should add a new ingredient to your menu. If you haven’t added a leafy green, perhaps it’s time.

juice kiwi orange glass tomato

You could try adding spinach, kale, lettuce, cucumber, celery, broccoli, wheatgrass, etc. Get the best wheatgrass juicer here:

Remember the more green veggies you have in your juice, the healthier it is. Don’t underestimate unpeeled lemon too! It’s not only helpful for detox, but it also multiplies your ability to absorb nutrients by up to 5x.

Excited to start? Begin your journey right away and reap the fruits of your labor sooner. Good luck and happy juicing!