Why You Shouldn’t Multitask If You Want to be Productive

Some people argue that multitasking is a great skill, while others think it’s not helpful at all. The truth is it’s really something to avoid if you’re aiming to be productive.

Trying to do all your tasks simultaneously isn’t productive at all. It actually decreases your productivity, contrary to popular belief that it increases one’s productivity.

The Issue of Focus











Have you ever heard of this saying?

“If you chase two rabbits at the same time, you will not catch either one.”

The same goes with two tasks. If you’re trying to fulfill two tasks at the same time, you won’t finish any job efficiently because your mind will just have a more difficult time thinking about one chore, then switch the focus to the other. Doing this over again will just hinder your brain to concentrate on any of the tasks.

The Attention-Grabbing Situation

woman burnout laptop







Multitasking won’t work. Ever. That’s because a job demands attention. Let’s take for example the popular and most-loved multitasking hobby ever—driving while texting or calling. People think it’s okay to text while driving because they turn their eyes to the road and the phone back and forth anyway. In reality, however, if you focus on driving, you won’t be able to text properly, and if you concentrate on texting, you might make the wrong turn or worse, cause a mishap. Texting or calling while driving is an accident waiting to happen. Even listening to the radio or Spotify while driving is a bit dangerous because if you get caught up in the song, your concentration will switch from the road to the song. However, since you don’t need much attention in listening to songs while driving, it can be a safe to multitask.

The Productivity Case








Researchers found that multitaskers experience a 40% decrease in productivity and that it takes them 50% more time to finish one job. Multitaskers also make 50% more mistakes compared to non-multitaskers. Research shows that multitasking isn’t as effective as people think it is.

If you have a task to finish, say, you want to finish a project you read from http://sawingpros.com/, then focus on that job. Use your time wisely by concentrating on one work at a time.

If you want to be a productive person, don’t multitask unless the other job doesn’t require much attention.