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Can the Carrot

It is difficult to understand why the Coalition government is so determined to cull badgers.

The result of Wednesday's debate was disappointing but not unexpected. An Opposition Day debate has not been won for very many years.

Badger Trust has not faltered in its determination to protect badgers.  We shall continue to vigorously contest the Coalition government's planned unscientific slaughter. Wednesday's public exposure was helpful to a degree, although some of the "facts" quoted were in our opinion, figments of creative imagination.

It is absolutely vital that everybody continues to sign the e-petition, writes to their MP, encourages their friends/ colleagues to do the same and promotes the Badger Trust "Can the carrot" campaign.

A statement reported in the Veterinary record made by Professor John Bourne (Chairman of the Independent Scientific Group) in 2008 to the annual conference of the Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work aptly summarises the situation. He said

"I think the most interesting observation was made to me by a senior politician, who said, 'Fine, John, we accept your science, but we have to offer farmers a carrot.  And the only carrot we can possibly give them is culling badgers" .

Three ways you can help

  1. Sign the petition and help us to spread the word so others sign too. The more people who sign the greater our chance in saving Badgers.
  2. Write to your MP
  3. Spread the word. Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to this carrot picture. Also help us to trend on twitter by tweeting #CanTheCarrot and this link

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You can find out more about this on the Badger Trust Website. We really do need as much support as we can get. Badgers are being used as a carrot by the government to tempt farmers into getting on side with the cull. So come on, sign and share the petition and let's #CanTheCarrot

Thank you.